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July 20, 2005

Train And Bike

travel bike cross country A pedal and train trip across the U.S. ... how great is that?

Gosh, lets see where should we start… Last week while we were visiting Petoski, MI. we met two cyclists from CA. Kirsten and Geoff who were both riding long wheelbase Ryan Recumbents and pulling Burley trailers. They were cycling from west to east after taking an Amtrak Train from California to Montana due to their limited vacation time. They were riding to Mass. to visit Geoff’s mother. It was wonderful to exchange stories with them and to hear what WI, MN and the Dakota’s are like. They were riding 80 miles per day, which seems crazy to us, but again they had vacation time limitations. (We are so lucky)! They invited us to stay with them when we reach Oakland, CA. It will be great to see them in September or October!


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